Climate change in a nutshell



We live on a dynamic planet that is constantly changing by natural causes, powerful as the movement of the entire continents or as gentle as the impact of tiny microbes.

Earth is a complex and fascinating system of interconnections that has provided conditions for life for billions of years.

Climate change is a natural part of it and in the past has led to the extinction of species as well as the emergence and development of new ones.

Is the climate really warming? Are we really responsible for these changes? What could be the consequences of global warming. And what can we do to prevent this?


A full-live show, entirely in English, presenting natural and anthropogenic factors influencing the Earth's climate, based on reliable scientific knowledge, completed with fulldome movies and animations. Show duration: 45 minutes.


28.12.2023, 18:30


Tickets are available at our Ticket Office (1/3 Targowa Street) and online



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